Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Soul Ride

There are elements to riding a bike on a trail through unspoiled nature that cannot escape notice or possibly, at a deeper level, a feeling. Could it be the realization of accomplishment when the trail becomes a little bit easier, a little faster, a bit smoother and more effortless than ever before? Could it be the stress relieving effect of being immersed in nature that our genes cry out for when too much time is spent in a human clad world? Could it be the satisfaction of knowing that muscle, organs, joints, and blood are growing more resilient with every pedal stroke, every great breath that we take propelling ourselves through the pristine environment?

Of course it is a combination of all these and more. The bike lets us transcend and elevate our outdoor experience in ways far beyond a simple walk, hike or run. It merges skills learned in the past with the incentive to push beyond what has been done before. It extends the range far past the bounds of our natural body allowing us to escape further into the wild. It elevates us into a higher dimension where fluid movement forces space and time to be connected. A rider can find that place where focus on the trail and body awareness combine to create the highest state of clarity. Words cannot describe the sense that is felt deep inside when riding a bike down a trail with perfect surface, pitch, and flow. The soul yearns to laugh out loud, causing that unceasing - unmistakable grin at the end of the trail.

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