Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Topo Map

Giant Sequoia National Monument, Kernville, Lake Isabella, Camp Nelson, Kennedy Meadows, Kern Plateau, Greenhorn Mountains, Piute Mountains, Domeland, South Sierra & South Golden Trout Wilderness
Featuring: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Whitewater Launches & Rapids, Winter Trailheads, Water Sports, Fishing & Hunting Access, & More!
  • 6th Edition
  • List Price: $12.95
  • Publication Date:  Fall 2019
  • ISBN:   978-0-9723361-4-7
  • Sides:  Printed on both sides
  • Size:  32"X 27" Map,  9"x 4" Folded
  • Topo Lines: 100 Foot Contours
  • Scale: 1:62,500 (1 Inch on map = 1 Mile on land)
  • GPS: Includes 7.5' Lat/Long Grid
  • Paper:  State of the art waterproof and tear resistant plastic hybrid paper
  • Land: Distinguishes between the various types of Public Lands and private property
  • Trails: Depicts different type of trails such as Multi-Use, Wilderness, and low-use singletrack
  • Suggestions: Includes numerous hikes and featured bike routes, such as several variations of the popular Just Outstanding ride and the epic Cannell Trail.

Discover the recreational gems of the Kern River Sierra, the epicenter of year-round outdoor adventure.

This map features the hiking and mountain biking trails, rock climbing &  bouldering spots, whitewater launches and named rapids, giant sequoia groves, winter trailheads, water sports, fishing and hunting access, motorized singletrack, and several other recreational opportunities in the Kern River and Southern Sierra region.

Ranging from 10,000 feet to 2,000 feet in elevation, the rugged and diverse land of the Kern River Sierra ecompasses the Giant Sequoia National Monument, Camp Nelson, Black Rock Station and the Kern Plateau, Kernville, Lake Isabella, Keyesville, Greenhorn Mountains, Piute Mountains and much of the Domeland and Golden Trout Wilderness.

Map Clips (from 2012 edition):

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Edition Notes:

2019 Updates and Changes:

The new 2019 6th Edition is available now! The map now includes detailed wetland areas and springs, several trail & road updates, additional rock climbing area and labeled peak hikes, added elevation labels, and so much more!

2018 Updates and Changes:

With every new map edition, numerous additions and updates are made.  Even more labels, points of interest, waterfalls, viewpoints, activities, trail and road changes, and so much more are added or updated!

Enjoy more labeled peaks, trail passes, meadows, rock climbing locations, hot springs, and fresh water springs on the new map.  Several elevation labels were added to this 5th edition as well.  Many more peaks, passes, and towns now have a matching elevation to better plan your adventure.  

Various adjustments were made throughout the map; such as updating some of the trails and roads in the Oak Ridge area of the Greenhorns; improving the trail depictions in the southern Kern Plateau, adding the individual formations of The Needles, and sooo much more!

2015 Updates and Changes:

The new and improved 4th Edition of the Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Map, published Fall 2015.
A few of the newest changes and updates:
Piutes Motorized Singletrack added! Updated and detailed mapping of the Piutes motorized singletrack system, including the USFS temporarily-designated motorized singletrack trails in the Piutes. (NOTE: At the time of press, many trails were newly signed and designated with temporary status by the USFS. Read any new signs and obey all changes in regulation.)
Brand new Singletrack in the Greenhorns, near Alta Sierra. This map depicts the new Bull Run Pass Trail, Bull Run Peak Trail, and the Portuguese North Trails. Time for some epic rides.
Improved the accuracy of many trails in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, including the Clicks Creek Trailhead area trails, upper Starvation Creek/Powderhorn, Johnsondale area, and much more.
Updates to Blackrock/North Kern Plateau, including clarification of the trails/roads near the multi-sport zone between Granite Knob, Smith Mtn, Jackass Peak.
Motorized singletrack is now darker and easier to distinguish from non-motorized trails.
Many more peaks, passes, and towns have elevation labels.
Additional labels and Points of Interest, including waterfalls, viewpoints, and activities.

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