Monday, March 21, 2016

New Updates for the Kern River Sierra Map!

The Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Topo Map, 4th Edition:

The new and improved 4th Edition of the Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Map, published Fall 2015.

A few of the newest changes and updates:

Piutes Motorized Singletrack added! 
Updated and detailed mapping of the Piutes motorized singletrack system, including the USFS temporarily-designated motorized singletrack trails in the Piutes. (NOTE: At the time of press, many trails were newly signed and designated with temporary status by the USFS. Read any new signs and obey all changes in regulation.)

Brand new Singletrack in the Greenhorns, near Alta Sierra. 
This map depicts the new Bull Run Pass Trail, Bull Run Peak Trail, and the Portuguese North Trails. Time for some epic rides.

Improved the accuracy of many trails in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, including the Clicks Creek Trailhead area trails, upper Starvation Creek/Powderhorn, Johnsondale area, and much more.

Updates to Blackrock/North Kern Plateau, including clarification of the trails/roads near the multi-sport zone between Granite Knob, Smith Mtn, Jackass Peak.

Motorized singletrack is now darker and easier to distinguish from non-motorized trails.

Many more peaks, passes, and towns have elevation labels.

Additional labels and Points of Interest, including waterfalls, viewpoints, and activities...and more....

More Info 
List Price: $12.95
Publication Date: Fall 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9723361-4-7
Printed on both sides, North and South
Size: 32"X27" Map, 9"x4" Folded

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