Sunday, December 18, 2011

Support New Singletrack in Santa Cruz

From the MBOSC blog:


In July 2010, the Santa Cruz City Council approved in concept the creation of a new multi-use trail in Pogonip. The proposed trail would parallel the eastern boundary of the open space.
The 1.5 mile long trail would connect Golf Club Drive with the U-Con Trail and the Rincon Trail and will be family and beginner friendly. It will offer a spectacular scenic single track trail experience through redwood trees and bay tree groves. This will be a much more pleasant way to get to Upper Campus than riding along Hwy 9, the train tracks or parking at the Rincon Parking lot.
This trail was proposed as a long term mitigation to thetransient camping and herion dealing that had taken root in the area. The SCPD, Park Rangers, MBOSC and Take Back Santa Cruz has had clean up events and removed tonnes of trash but without a long term solution those problems will come back. Bringing positive use into that area will displace the negative use. This has been a proven local strategy because the 1999 implementation of the U-Conn trail displaced the transients in that area.
The benefits of the 1.5 mile multi-use trail (MUT) goes far beyond the scope of the reducing negative use. Some other long term benefits include:
  • Provides a safe (but off road) eastern bike route into UCSC for commuters.
  • Provides additional recreational facilities for families, residents and visitors.
  • Provides more economic opportunities for downtown businesses.
The approval of the multi-use trail is not a done deal. The review and plan will probably go before the Santa Cruz City Council in early 2012.
We need your help in getting this trail approved.
The trail plan and environmental review comment period has ended but you can read though those documents and submit comments to the Santa Cruz City Council at:
Please consider signing the petition below in support of the multi-use trail. MBOSC will submit this petition to the City Council when the Pogonip multi-use trail plan is presented for public comment – sometime in January of February of the new year.
Consider printing and distributing this poster in support of the Pogonip Multi-Us Trail.

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